Montana Agate Rope Ring - A
Montana Agate Rope Ring - A
Montana Agate Rope Ring - A
Montana Agate Rope Ring - A
Montana Agate Rope Ring - A
Montana Agate Rope Ring - A

Montana Agate Rope Ring - A

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Each ring in this Montana Agate ring collection will be meticulously handcrafted with fine silver and sterling silver, featuring a stunning Montana Agate stone as its centerpiece. Each ring will be finished with a rope wire border to accentuate the natural beauty of the stone, or can be purchased without the rope border. The ring will be set on a three part ring band that is both comfortable and sturdy.

These stones are gorgeous and the rings will be of the highest quality that will last lifetimes!

How to Order:

  • Simply select your desired stone from the options available and proceed to checkout.
  • Important: Don't forget to leave your ring size in the note section during checkout. I can accommodate full, half, and quarter sizes to ensure the best fit for you. Because the bands are thick, I add about a 1/4 of a size to make the ring fit true to size. 
  • Please note: If you're particularly drawn to a specific stone, I recommend checking out right away to prevent it from being purchased by someone else as your item is not secured by being in the cart. If you buy another item I will refund the shipping from the second order.

Customization Options:

  • Each listing is priced for the rope wire border design. I include pictures of the stones, as well as a visual representation of the stone with a drawing of the rope wire border, so you can envision what the finished ring will look like.
  • If you would like to order the ring with a plain bezel and no rope wire, I can discount the piece by 10%. Please purchase the ring at the listed price and leave me a note along with your ring size that you would like the plain ring, and I will refund you the 10%. This is the easiest way for me to manage it since I can't make two separate listings for the stone. Feel free to send me a message here if you have any questions.

Stone Measurements:
Length: 36mm
Width: 20mm

Materials: sterling silver, fine silver, montana agate


  • Each ring is lovingly crafted by hand. Please allow 8-10 weeks for production and shipping. Your patience is greatly appreciated!

Stone Care:

  • Kindly remove your Montana Agate jewelry before washing your hands or showering. Moisture that seeps through the bezel and under the stone can cause tarnishing underneath. While I use fine silver for the backplate as a preventive measure, as it tarnishes less frequently, it may still occur over time. The most effective prevention method is to keep the stone dry and to clean your jewelry with a soft, clean cloth or a polishing cloth.

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Montana Agates are the most incredible stones! The agate originally was formed approximately 65 million years ago during volcanic activity in what is today the Yellowstone Park area.

Thousands of acres of luscious Redwood and Sequoia trees were incinerated by the lava flows. As the fiery torrents subsided and life-giving rains returned, mineral-rich silica water seeped into the charred remnants of the fallen giants and the hardened lava beds, creating the perfect conditions for the birth of Montana Agate.

Montana Agate is a true marvel of nature, often resembling intricate landscapes with its mossy inclusions, banding, polka dots, or delicate dendrites. Its vibrant hues, from reds and oranges to earthy browns, are a testament to the diverse palette of minerals that shaped its formation, including iron oxide and manganese oxide.

Energetically grounding and stabilizing, Montana Agate nurtures emotional equilibrium by harmonizing the root chakra, offering a sense of security and peace amidst life's uncertainties.

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Shipping Information:

  • Ships within 8-10 weeks from Red Lodge, MT.
  • If this is a gift, kindly leave a note with the recipient's name in the notes area on the checkout page for a personalized handwritten note.
  • For rush delivery, please message me here

Payment Options:

  • To pay in installments, choose from Shop Pay, Klarna, Affirm, or PayPal Pay Later at checkout.

Local Pick-up:

  • For local pick-up in Red Lodge, MT, please message me here.


  • Handmade in Red Lodge, MT.

Note: All jewelry is handcrafted, and may contain slight imperfections. I cherish these as marks of the artist, and I hope you do too! Made with a whole lotta love ❤️

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